The Designer


ABAYA ADDICT’s Designer is Dr. Deanna Khalil. She is an American Palestinian/Italian Muslim who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. She has her Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with minors in Chemistry and Biology. She went on to pursue a career in Optometry after finishing graduate school at the Illinois College of Optometry. She now works as an Eye Doctor in the UAE.

From a young age—Dr. De was in love with fashion. Growing up she spent hours on end sketching designs and dreaming of becoming a world-renowned fashion designer. Those who know her best can attest that her love affair with design began as a child and carried on into her teenage years. Since wearing hijab at the age of seventeen, she found it difficult to find modest clothing that reflected her personal tastes thus setting the stage for her desire to bring Islamic clothing to the forefront.

After completing Graduate school and marrying Libyan-American Ahmed Aduib, she and her husband moved to the trend-setting Dubai, UAE where together-- they established ABAYA ADDICT. It was in Dubai that Dr. De’s dreams of designing were realized. She began sketching and designing again and it was only a matter of months until ABAYA ADDICT’s clothing line was born. Mr. Ahmed Aduib handles the business and marketing of the brand.

Although Dr. Deanna Khalil works meticulously in her medical field, her passions lie in creating one-of-a-kind items that reflect her personal style. With the help of her supportive husband and diligent staff, she has created a brand that is not only modest but also modern and refreshing.