Ramadan Diaries: Convert of the day– Julissa Fikri

I never get tired of hearing of new converts to Islam.  Being born Muslim is a blessing– but often I wish I could discover  Islam through the eyes of a convert/revert.  It must be a beautiful thing to uncover a hidden treasure… to open it & with it– open up your heart!  SubhanAllah, I really commend those brave enough to leave the religion of their parents or friends and step outside the box.  It’s hard enough to allow the smallest change into our hearts– but to change your entire life & world is really a sure struggle!

Ramadan is a time we each reflect within ourselves. It’s a time to thank Allah swt for giving us this beautiful treasure known as Islam. It’s a time to submit entirely to Him with hopes of reaching even the lowest level of Jennah, inshallah.

That being said– I’d like to feature a woman who has changed 360 for the sake of Allah swt.  Her name is Julissa Fikri.  She’s a Hispanic American who was saved by Islam & when she came across this hidden gem her life was turned upside RIGHT– for the better.

This is her story.  May her struggles serve as a reminder & may it bring you closer to Allah swt, especially during this holy month.

How I came to Islam by Hispanic American Julissa Fikri


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