Peek Inside my Makeup Bag!

Every year I invest in 1-2 new makeup bags that are fun and easy to clean.dkny-cosmetic-bag-new-york-graffiti-messages-e1351519246953

Right now this DKNY makeup bag is perfect for my mood + it’s always stocked with my 6 BEAUTY ESSENTIALS:





I can’t LIVE without my Maybelline Yellow Corrective Concealer Cover Stick!


Soft to the touch and in the perfect shape for my face, the Bare Minerals brush set is my daily go-to!


When choosing colors for my MAC PALLET, I like to have a range– from neutrals to the more dramatic!


I’m normally into DEEP REDS as they go with my skin-tone, but lately I find myself gravitating toward a more neutral lip!


My cousin turned me on to this AMAZING YSL mascara that i have been addicted to for 4 years now!


My sister in law Sumiah introduced me to BAREMINERALS over 5 years ago and I have been wearing this exact shade ever since! Feels light and goes perfect with my skin tone whether I’m tan or not!

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