Meet Reem from Days of Eid


Educator. Entrepreneur. Supermom.


She starts her day thinking of others. Are the kid’s lunches packed? Are my orders ready to ship? How can I make new products that people need? Her selfless attitude makes it hard to style herself as a fashionista. But she manages to look good when she steps out the door thanks to @abayaaddict.

We at @abayaaddict know the stresses of life as a working mom. We work hard to create clothing that is on-trend, easy to throw on without the need to layer-up, and most importantly- functional. So you’ll always look like you have a personal stylist, and you can tackle your to-do list looking fresh and feeling confident.

Get To Know Reem


AA: tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

RS: My name is Reem Sayes and I am the Founder and Creative Director of Days of Eid™️.

AA: Why did you start your social media page/blog/business?

RS: I felt there was a need to create high-quality Ramadan and Eid decorations. Born and Raised as a Muslim - American, we usually either didn’t decorate or used low quality decor from overseas to decorate our homes to feel the holidays.

AA: What is your definition of modesty?

RS: My definition of modesty is mindfulness in one’s way of dress, manners, and dealing with others.

AA: Why did you decide to work with Abaya Addict on this project?

RS: Abaya Addict invented Hijab & modest fashion and I have loved seeing them begin and flourish into this amazing brand. Since Abaya Addict was established they have been my go-to brand for all occasions. So to be able to work with them on this project was an absolute dream!

AA: What can we expect to see from you up ahead?

RS: Days of Eid™️ will be expanding from just Ramadan & Eid decor to everyday Islamic home decor. We want to bring everyday products to homes that combine both modern contemporary styles with Islamic art. 

Black Embroidered Midi Tunic


Blue Midi Tunic

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