EASY MOMMY CHIC- Tips for Dressing Well in a Hurry

24/7/365 days a year I'm wifey and mom of two.  6 days a week I'm an Eye Doctor, and at every moment-in-between, I'm a business owner.   If you're like me, my routine goes a little something like this-  hit the treadmill (if I'm lucky), greet wet diapers, drag kids out of bed, pack school lunches, early-morning drop-offs, quick coffee-run, stuck in traffic, in the office, on my feet-- back in traffic, home to cook dinner, pickup toys-- fit in some laundry, bath time rituals, bedtime stories, sleepy-baby head massages, alone time with the hubby-- in bed by 1am, set the alarm and PHEW! Sleep, and repeat. 

Yes, my life is a busy one.  These days most women I talk to are proud owners of similarly overwhelming schedules.  

When I rush into work (usually late) I often get asked-- HOW DO YOU LOOK SO PUT TOGETHER?  I smile, and internally laugh at the question (as I gaze off into space) trying to remember when I last washed my hair, had a mani-pedi-- or even took more than 5 minutes to get ready, (wait did I grab my pants out of the dirty pile? OOPS). So after being asked this a lot, I realised that answer to this question lies within my closet's rules, which after 5 years of a super crazy life-- has been catered to my hectic lifestyle. 

I'm going to break it down for you ladies. AND DON'T WORRY, it's all easy.  It's all for working badasses.  And it's all about the chic--Easy Mommy Chic that is  

We begin with some basic concepts.  I must warn you that this will require a teeny bit work at the start of each season but it will leave you better prepared to dress for your everyday battles.  



I absolutely love to follow seasonal trends but anything entering my closet MUST pass the "hijab-test" deeming it super easy-to-wear.  Who wants to raid their drawers in search of that ONE tank top that has to go under that top with the large neck-line?!  What working woman has time to find matching leggings for skirts with slits?  And which mom wants to chase her kids around the park (in 80+ degree weather) wearing layers-on-layers? NOT THIS MOM!

If you don't have TIME for styling yourself, don't WASTE YOUR MONEY on un-wearable clothes! The more thought you put into a look= the less time you have for the other 2.48402 million things you need to do. 

 Easy Mommy Chic wardrobe CHECKLIST--

  1. IS THIS SHIRT/DRESS LONG ENOUGH to COVER the GOODS? Stear clear of  tops that hit above the hip or have 3/4 sleeves, and bottoms that fall above the ankle.
  2. DOES IT "DO-THE-SLITS?" If yes, throw that cute thang right back on that sales rack honey!
  3. WILL MY HIJAB COVER THE NECK-LINE in FULL?  Any sign of skin--chances are it's too high maintenance and that baby is not coming home-to-mama. 



Everyone has go-to items in their closet. Your favourite jeans, that dress that cinches just right-- so why ditch what works EVERY season?  I found that by choosing new flexible pieces in 3 of my favourite trending colors I stay current.  Marry new seasonal colors with your go-tos and you're set.  

If you need some extra help, follow these simple rules:

  • Choose 2-3 NEUTRAL tops and 1 TRENDING COLOR top- that could go over anything -- palazzos, skirts or skinnies.
  • Score yourself 2 slit-less pencil skirts in JUST NEUTRALS.  
  • ALWAYS have 2-3 solid maxi slip dresses in TRENDING COLORS. 
  • Match SOLID hijabs to your NEUTRALS.  
  • Pick 5 TRENDING printed hijabs in prints that speak to you. 

#3 PAIR NEUTRALS to TRENDING COLORS in various combinations

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