Abaya Addict in NAYOMI Lounge Wear

It's always great when I find comfy clothing to wear around the house.  I'm the kind of girl that gets home from a long day of work and slips RIGHT into my pjs!  Sometimes this isn't always the best option, when you want to still look cute while lounging about.  So I've been on the hunt for Dishdashas that are 



and #3 HIJABI (incase I have to answer the door or run out to the supermarket really quick!)

I found NAYOMI's new loungewear line to fit my checklist. 

NAYOMI also added a hidden zipper at the chest which has made breastfeeding SO EASY.  I'm also really loving that they are very arabesque in nature, and I can't complain about the color options they have.  

I've been LIVING in this black and white Dishdasha. 

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