5 Foolproof Steps to GIFTING your MAN

There’s nothing sweeter than gifting your boo-thang something that you know he will love.  While it can be so easy to shop for your girlfriends, or your mom– when it comes to shopping for men, the task is not as simple.  For me, gifting my husband, Ahmed, is always a challenge and I am almost always STUMPED. But because he’s so hard to shop for– I feel extra accomplished when I find that special gift to put a smile on his face.


With Ahmed turning the big 3-0 this week, it was an extra special occasion that I did NOT want to mess up! So I had to think long and HARD about what he would like, and along the way, I came up with this simple 5 step guide to shopping for your man for any occasion–be it seasonal holidays,  Eid, a birthday or just to say I love and appreciate you!

5 Foolproof Steps to GIFT your MAN successfully:

  1. LISTEN to his not-so-subtle hints about what he needs
    This means you need to listen to the hidden messages behind what he’s saying.  When he says, “These pants are getting annoying” what he really means is, I really need to buy some nice jeans stat! 

    Jean selection at Centrepoint, Mall of the Emirates

    When he talks non-stop about a shoe-sale at Nike, that translates to–“I hope you remember I want the 11s not the 13s!”

  2. Shop SMART— everyone loves a high-ticket gift but it also makes your man feel good to know his woman snagged the best deal on the market! So shop around.  Get in there and look for the best deal on the items you know he needs/wants.  I find myself wandering into Centrepoint so often because I like their quality products and I always find special offers on trending brands like Splash (one of my husband and I’s favorites).

    Centrepoint, Mall of the Emirates has a vast selection of brands to choose from, and many special offers during holiday season!


    Always on trend, Centrepoint’s menswear collection is perfect for holiday gifting.


    Centrepoint, Mall of the Emirates

  3. Collect items over-time. To me, a one item gift just doesn’t do it!  I like to have an array of items that I present when I gift anyone– especially the father of my kids.  So the best way to do this is to buy things as you find them, even if it’s a month or two early.  This also allows for more time to plan themed gift baskets (which brings me to my next point!)
  4. Pick a THEME.  Everyone goes through phases, especially FASHION PHASES.  Mine currently is an all-natural aesthetic, a year ago I was really into the black-on-black-on black and oh more black!  My husband’s current phase is  Badass meets Comics style. He’s into the side-zippers and sleek sweaters (which was so easy to find everywhere in Centrepoint). Luckily they also had an amazing Marvel Comic Character Shop, which is a big part of my man’s current fashion phase!

    Marvel Collection at Centrepoint, Mall of the Emirates


    Marvel Collection at Centrepoint, Mall of the Emirates

  5. Put effort into your presentation.  A well wrapped gift says, “Honey, I took the time out of my crazy-busy-hectic day to make this gift look special because YOU are important to me and I appreciate everything that you do for me and the kids” (in a nutshell!).   You won’t find me skimping on my GIFT SWAG!  Here’s how I wrapped Ahmed’s 3-0 gifts:

    Get the kids involved in the shopping and wrapping process.  Teach them that gifting is a beautiful, generous and loving thing to do!


    Wrap an old shoe box in fancy gift wrap paper and don’t forget to add those bows and streamers to kick it up a notch! All gift wrap materials pictured here were purchased from Lifestyle in Centrepoint.


    Dress up the area where your gifts are placed to add more sparkle to the occasion


    Leave heartfelt messages on each beautifully wrapped gift reminding your man why he’s well– YOUR MAN!


    Pair silver and gold for an extra classy look. I like to choose varying wrapping paper in the same color family!


Most importantly, don’t forget that the best part about gifting is infusing YOU into the gift.  Never, ever buy someone a gift you don’t like– what’s the fun in that?!





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